Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Writing, Writing, Writing

Welcome to my blog.

I'm John Goodrich, this is my blog about writing and publishing my fiction. It is my sincere hope that by making my experiences in the publishing world available, someone else might aviod some of the pitfalls that I have experienced. I'm not saying that my approach is the right way for anyone else to market their own work. My marketing is a work in progress. As I keep this up, I will see what works and what doesn't.

The Score Sheet, on the right, is a listing of stories I'm currently shopping, as well as those that have alerady been sold. It's listed alphabetically, and it's just a coincidence that the top three have been sold. I suggest reading Brian Keene's World Domination 101 for good, practical advice on how to get a writing career started.

I will also include what I am currently reading and writing, and hopefully get some numbers in the writing bit. I can't write if I don't read any more than I can make pancakes without batter.

Currently Writing:
In the Morning: Essay for a friend 509 words
This Afternoon: The Novel: 650 words

Currently Reading:
Collected Fictions: JL Borges


Sable said...

You're reading Borges? Cool! I went to a lecture of his once at Ohio State University. He was just incredible. He has written great, great things.

John Goodrich said...

Borges is really quite amazing, and I;m quite jealoud that you've seen tha man. What did he lecture on?