Sunday, July 20, 2008

The end of another NECON

Today was the last day of NECON. I'm tired, because I never want to sleep at NECON. If I don't, however, I get massive headaches, and I'm absolutely useless.

It's a wonderful con, and it always is. Foremost in my mind is a conversation with several pros, which ranged from an unusual recipe for sausages to our proposed charity anthology "Naked Came the Hairy Stranger." I have never learned so much while laughing so hard.

The panels were useful as usual, and I exercised a lot of self-restraint by not buying a lot of books (I still haven't read all the ones from last year). I refreshed friendships, met many delightful new people, and generally steeped in the presence of many talented and creative individuals. There are many conventions, but there's only one NECON.

For the first time, I spread my books on the table and shilled. I'm not as bad at it as I was afraid that I was. And congratulations to Kim Paffenroth. He knows why, and I can't tell

Oh, and Nick Kaufmann? I see that you still blame me for the rubber ball incident of two years ago. This has not gone unnoticed.

Ceterum censeo Kaufmann esse delendam.

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Nicholas said...

As is evidenced by the package I just received from you. Very funny, John! You'll get yours soon enough! ;-)

- Nick Kaufmann