Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What a Weekend!

Memorial Day was crazy crazy crazy. But we did run down to the Rock of Ages home to see friends. The Queen of Science and I love the Rock of Ages family, they're our age, they're parents, and they really didn't change at all after they had their kids. And they've got interesting, engaging children.

In a moment of rare unity, all of us, four adults and two kids, aged nine and six, gathered around the computer screen and sang. You know, like people used to do in the old days, singing together, gathered around the radio, or the phonograph? Of course, what was sang was incredibly geeky...

A good time was had by all.

Of the whole weekend, there was really only one false note. I saw this disturbing piece of equipment:

Yes, that's a Hello Kitty sewing machine



anelise said...

It was cheap and portable! And oh so cute! But I cant return it since someone, recycled the receipt!

John Goodrich said...

OK, but what diseased mind said "Hey! We should put Hello Kitty on sewing machines!" What's next, Daffy Duck on hunting gear?

anelise said...

But Hello Kitty is soooo cuteeee! Squeeee!