Monday, August 27, 2012

"Oh Bother," said Pooh As He...

Yes, I should be writing my story. 

Have you ever created something completely off the cuff that went beyond all your expectations?

Some time ago,'s Tangency section was having a lot of difficulty being civil.  So I created a topic: Finish the sentence:  "Oh bother," said Pooh, as he..."

.   I had hoped it would give the forum-posters something to not argue about.  And it did.  the thread has gone on and on and on. 


Warning, it's not safe for work.  It's all words, but good heavens, there's a lot of dear old Pooh Bear having sex, murdering people, getting involved in necrophilia (generally with other inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood). The sheer breadth of topics it covers contnues to astonish me.  From Back to the Future to The Matrix, Quantum Leap, Quentin Tarrantino, drug abuse, mass murder, to Lost. Because it's a nerd forum, there's also a pile of Lovecraftian references, Paranoia nods, zomibes, WWII references, recutrsive time loops, political digs, free-verse poetry,  Star Wars, Shakespeare, fanfic, wingfic,  iPhones, Doctor Who, and House of Leaves

I starred it in 2004.  Let me give you some perspective.  Doctor Who hadn't been revived yet.  The Halo franchise had just released video teasers for Halo 2.  I wish I could take any sort of credit for the length of the thread's endurance, but it's really due to the people who grasped the concept and ran with it.  Still, it's kind of interesting to look at. 

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