Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Like Your Market and Would Sumbit To It Again

Dark Recesses Press sends out really good rejection letters. I'm going to try extra hard for that market next time I've got something to send out.

And they've given permission for me to repost the letter, so here it is:

Good evening John,

Thank you for submitting your story, "Death on the American Family Farm" to us at DRP. We enjoyed reading it and even pushed it for further consideration; however we have decided to pass on it. Ultimately the ending was its downfall. Most of the readers felt it was rushed and a little flat.

That aside, the opening characterizations are magnificent and a lot of fun to read. You did a great job of filling the story in with small details that others may not have included. Instead of feeling wordy, it felt colored in.

I don't need to wish you luck in the future placing this story, I'm sure you will.

Keep writing,

Shanna Wynne

Dark Recesses Press

The dark recesses of your mind are our playground... and we don't play fair.

This is a great rejection letter. Someone took some time to compose it, which means they really do care about me submitting at a later date. They liked the story enough to give it a second read (which I'm starting to think of as a 'bridesmaid' rejection). They told me what they think is a flaw, and again, I agree with them. Wish I could find these problems by myself, but I'm learning.

I'm very encouraged. Thanks Dark Recesses Press!


The Beast said...

Wow, that really is a thoughtful rejection letter. Though if you really wanted to test their sincerity you'd submit twenty pages of "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and see if they're just as polite.

John Goodrich said...

Yeeees, while that's an interesting thing to do, I think I won't because I'd like to keep their goodwill.

Call me a whore, whatever.