Sunday, January 3, 2010

California vs Vermont

"And along in the Summer, when you have suffered about four months of lustrous, pitiless sunshine, you are ready to go down on your knees and plead for rain--hail--snow--thunder and lightning--anything to break the monotony-- you will take an earthquake, if you cannot do any better. And the chances are that you'll get it, too."

Roughing It, Chapter 56, by Mark Twain

This is not a complaint about the weather. I missed the snow, and would rather have it than an earthquake.

That said... we've had a bit of snow.


ca nadeau said...

this is the one time of year when michigan and vermont are virtually indistinguishable from each other.

John Goodrich said...

After the first foot of snow, it all looks the same, doesn't it?

Tamara said...

Ick! Keep that white stuff far away from me!

John Goodrich said...

You lot are not doing your job keeping the rest of the US warm. Send us warm air or we will retaliate with snowballs.