Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Pleasures of a Brick-Based Economy

I seem to have discovered a pattern for myself. During the waning of the sun, I start to noodle around with Ancient Egyptian books and games. This year, it's Children of the Nile: Alexandria. I've enjoyed the Simcity-style building game Children of the Nile for many years, and just purchased the expansion. I love watching my little people build temples, monuments (mostly to my greatness), and tombs, creating a thriving economy.

Perhaps the adoration of virtual citizens is having the right effect. I've sent off two manuscripts in the last two days, and will be sending out a third today.


Tamara said...


John Goodrich said...

We'll see. Sometimes stories aren't finished, I just get tired of revising them.

Tamara said...

Well, that's the editor's say they want the story...with the following revisions.