Thursday, March 11, 2010


If there's anything that makes you feel like a part of the writers' community, it's getting an invitation from people whose work you respect. Over the past couple of months, I've received several invitations to submit to projects. It's a warm feeling.

Part of the reason I decided to write was because I like talking with them. I listened to Tim Powers speak at a book signing, and I knew that I wanted to have conversations with him and people like him. At NECON, I have spent wonderful hours talking about ideas with other writers. It's unimaginable fun to sit in a group of people who are throwing out ideas, with other people knocking them in utterly insane directions.

To my delight, I'm getting there. Hard work pays off, as does having the right phlebotomist.


ca nadeau said...

I have a amusing anecdote to share with you: I recently attended a writer's conference here in Michigan where a woman who had not been published said she didn't want to write her memoirs because she was afraid people would buy it. I don't think she understood our reaction. But when you mentioned bouncing ideas back & forth it made me think of that.

Anonymous said...

I believe Frankenstein was created in a similar method. -Norman F

John Goodrich said...

CA: "Afraid people would buy it." That's quite an interesting statement. I wonder how she got to that conclusion. Most people wouldn't have thought to write them.

NORM!: How have you been! And yeah, I think the Shelleys and their friends were hanging around complaining about ghost stories and decided to write their own. Who wouldn't love to have been privy to that night's conversation?

Have you read Tim Powers' "Stress of Her Regard"? It deals with that night and the lives of the Shelleys. Excellent book.